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Brilliant idea in bed!

Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god! I just had a great idea for Iron Man 4!
Ask yourself: what does the MCU need more than anything else right now? Lead characters of color? Don’t be silly, what we need is more Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell)!
So here’s the story: something something something, justin and tony get trapped together in a prison or a cave or whatever and they have to work together to escape and defeat the big bad, who, in this case is….. I dunno, the real Mandarin or something. Who cares? The point is, think of extended scenes comprised of just Robert Downey Jr sitting together in a locked room, trying to build tools and weapons out of scrap metal ala Macguyver and just shouting at each other? I don’t even need to see an Iron Man suit in that movie. I’ll just watch those two in a room together for 124 minutes.
Oh man, I need to write that story.

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