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So I have a question for you guys. One of the complaints I hear a lot from the comic fanboys (no offense meant) is that, except for the major exception of Loki, Marvel always kills off its baddies in their movies. And because of the role villains play in the films, it often seems like the character is wasted.

A couple problems with this: 1, that’s a huge over simplification of the last ten movies. Major villains who are not dead as of Avengers Age of Ultron include The Abomination, Dr Sterns/the Leader, Justin Hammer, Loki, The Red Skull, Trevor Slattery/the “real Mandarin”, Bucky/Winter Soldier, Brock Rumlow/Crossbones, Nebula, and obviously Thanos. So criticizing Marvel for killing villains seems rather false now.
Second problem, looking at the number of villains killed or not killed, it doesn’t seem to matter, the villains are always secondary characters and they’ll never be as fleshed out as the main protagonists.
Third problem, even if every single villain survived and was put in jail or something, what would we do with them? The cinematic universe is not the same as the comic universe, there isn’t time or space to give every character multiple stories and arcs. It’s a shame that exciting characters don’t get their due but that’s by no means limited to villains.
And fourth, I’ve never really liked the idea that villains are always defeated but then just sort of left out in their world to keep scheming and plotting. It’s impossible to create a (theoretically) real universe where all these characters are just out there roaming around. Like what are they doing? Do they have apartments? Do they have jobs? It’s hard enough explaining what the heroes are doing outside the films and they DO have jobs!

So I guess my question is…..what do you think? Are you upset that so many major villains get killed off the MCU? Or do you not at all care?

Why Spidey Plays with The Avengers


As I’ve mentioned before, it seems to me much more likely that Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man franchise could, theoretically, exist within the larger MARVELCinematic Universe; more than the X-Men or anything else. It’s well known that Marvel has a better relationship with Sony than Fox anyways and there were rumors that there had been some consideration of putting the Oscorp Tower within the New York skyline for The Avengers. Whether that had actually gone any further than some writer saying “Hey wouldn’t it be neat if…” at one point during production, but nonetheless.

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